Independent Oversight Board for the Jersey Care Model


Jersey’s healthcare system is on a transformational journey to provide excellent health care to Islanders with the build of a new hospital and the implementation of a new model for Jersey’s health care system across primary, community, secondary and tertiary care, the Jersey Care Model.

The Jersey Care Model (JCM) is a multi-year, multi-agency programme of work across the health and care sector in Jersey. It aims to shift the delivery of health and care into a preventative focussed model, build around the needs of Islanders. It will transform services from a facilities and institutional-focussed delivery system into a flexible community-based system that is more suitable and sustainable for the Island.

The States Assembly (Jersey’s Parliament) agreed in 2020 the principles of the Jersey Care Model and the required funds to run the programme and implement the model. It also agreed to establish an Independent Oversight Board (“the Board”) to provide additional rigour, audit and assurance to the delivery of the programme.

The Board consists of three non-executive members, one of them acting as the Chair of the Board.

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Role of the Board

The purpose of the Board is to be an independent, non-executive board, that will keep the delivery of the Jersey Care Model under continuous review.

The Board reports to the Minister for Health and Social Services and (“the Minister”) and the Health and Social Security Scrutiny Panel (“the Panel”) on its findings and recommendations. It shall also provide advice on good programme management practice to the JCM Programme Team, therefore contributing to a continuous improvement and learning culture.

The Board is responsible for keeping under continuous review, the delivery of the JCM and for reporting monthly to the Minister and the Panel on the quality and robustness of the following:

  1. delivery plan
  2. risk management
  3. resource management (people and finances)
  4. communication and engagement plan
  5. programme management reports

The Board is also responsible for agreeing on the format of

  1. monthly progress reports;
  2. a publication at the end of Tranche 1 of a detailed analysis of progress against set targets
  3. a detailed look ahead to the delivery of Tranche 2

The Board has no financial fund allocation authority and cannot commit the Minister to expenditure, commit the Minister to consider individual decisions or commit the Minister to change or recommend change to any aspects of policy.

The Board:

  1. is accountable to the Minister;
  2. reports to the Minister on delivery progress and programme management rigour to support the Minister to hold the Accountable Officer and their management team for Health and Community Services to account for the efficient and effective delivery of the Jersey Care Model;
  3. reports to the Panel on delivery progress and programme management rigour to support the Scrutiny Panel and States Assembly [to hold the Minister to account for the efficient and effective delivery of the Jersey Care Model];
  4. works with the Accountable Officer for HCS (Director General of Health and Community Services) on issue resolution, recommendations for improvement and any clarifications prior to any reporting or escalation to the Minister and the Panel.