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The overarching aim of the Jersey Care Model (JCM) is to transform health and social care, in order to improve Islanders’ physical and mental health and wellbeing. To achieve this, it proposes adopting a patient-centred approach whereby care is financially sustainable, safe and accessible, being provided in the places where people need it the most.

This also aligns closely with the Government of Jersey’s Common Strategic Policy – in particular to improve Islanders’ wellbeing and mental and physical health, whilst preparing for more Islanders living longer. Indeed, without the JCM, analysis suggests that the current health system would be overwhelmed as a result of the ageing population demographics and disease prevalence on the Island.

The JCM is a five-year programme of work that has been approved by the States Assembly and has officially started in January 2021.

Doctor with stethoscope in front of Jersey flag
Young black doctor listening to elderly white patient

Proactive Care

Care will be enhanced in the community and decentralised from the hospital by strengthening public health, prevention and community services to reduce the dependency on secondary care. Care will be proactive rather than reactive and will put individuals at the centre of their own care. Technology will also be fully utilised to allow people to manage their own health. A strong partnership model will be developed with valued service providers across the public, private and community sectors.


The JCM has three overarching objectives, which are aligned with the Government strategic ambitions. These are to:

  1. Ensure care is person-centred with a focus on prevention and self-care, for both physical and mental health
  2. Reduce dependency on secondary care services by expanding primary and community services, working closely with all partners, in order to deliver more care in the community and at home
  3. Redesign health and community services so that they are structured to meet the current and future needs of Islanders