Vision and Values

Vision and Values

We are...Compassionate
We will:

  • Be kind and caring to each other; our patients and families and our partners
  • Consider the feelings of others
  • Work together to deliver safe care and a safe working environment
  • Be proud of the role we do and how this contributes to patient care

We are... Respectful and inclusive
We will:

  • Show respect to and for everyone
  • Act professionally at all times
  • Communicate Effectively - listen to others and seek clarity when needed
  • Value each other and the contribution of everyone

We are...Ambitious
We will:

  • Go beyond traditional boundaries; being positively receptive to change and improvement
  • Work with colleagues and system partners to improve services for our patients, families and carers
  • Support each other to listen, learn and develop
  • Collaborate with and empower each other

We are...Open, honest and transparent
We will:

  • Seek out feedback and act on it
  • Take personal responsibility and accountability for our own actions
  • Not be afraid to be challenged
  • Ensure consistency and fairness in our approach

Our Behavioural Standards

“Our Behavioural Standards Framework has been developed by staff to ensure we have a set of core behaviours and attitudes that help us support each other to deliver our vision and values. The Framework applies to us all and is part of everyone’s role.”

Behavioural Standards

Better Care Together

Working together as a whole team we can provide ‘better care together’; this includes in our immediate teams as well as those who we link with in the wider organisation and in our partnerships with others.

Our patients are the focus of everything we do; working together across the health, social and voluntary sectors we can deliver this jointly.

Our behaviours and attitudes may seem less important; however, they are crucial and have a very big impact on relationships and teams working well together. Feedback received from patients, staff, visitors and those in other organisations have indicated this.

The organisation’s goals, objectives and vision, set out what we are required to achieve. How we do this has a strong link to our behaviours and attitudes. They are what people see and hear. Research, along with feedback, shows getting them right will contribute to improved patient and staff experiences. Therefore the Framework forms an integral part of our recruitment, performance management and appraisal processes.

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Creating a great place to work

On duty

In our refreshed UHMB Strategy for 2019-2024, we set out aims for improved colleague experience through the development and delivery of a Colleague Experience Strategy. At the heart of the strategy would be the Behavioural Standards Framework and the Towards Inclusion approach, with the strategic intent to create a culture of joy, kindness and inclusion across Morecambe Bay.

Our Colleague Experience Strategy sets out to create a positive culture where every colleague feels valued, included and respected through leadership, engagement at all levels and building a social movement around the belief that every individual matters.
In the 2020 National NHS Staff Survey, UHMBT’s results were above average against three themes, average in four and below average in three. The Themes where the Trust ranked above average were:

  • Equality and Diversity
  • Employee Health and Wellbeing
  • Morale

The Themes where the Trust ranked below average were:

  • Safety Culture
  • Staff Engagement
  • Team Working

Although the results for Safety Culture remained below average, they had shown a considerable bounce-back following a significant deterioration in 2019. This will be a key area of focus for Board, and particularly the new Executive Chief Nurse and Medical Director, as part of the Recovery Support Programme.

A major cultural engagement exercise undertaken in November and December 2021 has been undertaken in order to identify the key challenges and priorities for cultural transformation – this will be developed into a transformational change programme in early 2022.