Group Chief Strategy Officer

Job Description

Job Title

Group Chief Strategy Officer


VSM Circa £TBC

Accountable to

Group Chief Executive

Job Summary

As a senior leader the Director will be expected to represent and advocate for North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (The Group) at a range of local, regional, and national forums, and working collaboratively across organisational and professional boundaries to deliver shared ambitions and the objectives of the Group to improve care, outcomes and use of resources.

The Group Chief Strategy Officer has particular responsibilities to:

  • Play a crucial role in helping shape the future organisation. They will contribute to corporate decision making and strategic development of the Group.
  • Development and delivery of the strategic and corporate planning framework for the Group, ensuring systems and processes are in place for effective strategy development, translation of the board strategy at clinical service level, and monitoring the implementation of strategic and business plans.
  • Lead the strategy team and will be a visible leader for strategy development across the organisation. Development and update our strategy to ensure it remains current and up to date.
  • Be directly responsible for the management and delivery of the work of the strategy team, and work with business sponsors of multidisciplinary teams brought together from across the organisation to support the ongoing identification of strategic priorities for the Group.
  • Identify strategic risks and opportunities, based on developments in national policy, social, economic, and technological developments, and other factors affecting the health and social care system. The role provides strategic advice and expert input to the Group’s strategy development.
  • Manage the range of senior relationships across health and social care system to keep pace with national developments, and to influence the policy development of our strategic partners, clinical partners, and other key stakeholders to meet our aims for patients and staff.
  • All Directors are expected to work as part of a cohesive team, contributing to the Group’s Strategic Leadership and direction and, when necessary, take lead responsibility for corporate issues outside their immediate sphere of responsibility.
  • Responsibility for leading the annual business planning process and identification and monitoring of annual strategic objectives, coordinating the work across all executive portfolios ensuring alignment, and dissemination through the organisation.

Key Relationships

  • Executive Team
  • Group Chair
  • Non-Executive Directors and Trusts’ Governors
  • Managerial and Clinical Leadership Teams
  • Staff Representatives/Networks
  • Regulator bodies including NHSE and CQC and strategic partners.

This role will participate in the strategic on call rota.

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