Our Group

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are the area’s largest employers, with over 15,000 staff delivering health and care services across the Tees Valley, North Yorkshire, County Durham and beyond.

Following years of joint working, we have formally agreed to form a group to enable closer partnership across our two organisations. By formalising this partnership, the group will deliver better outcomes for:

  • Our patients, by ensuring equal access to treatment and sharing best practice on how to deliver care.
  • Our staff, by enabling them to work on all of the group’s sites more easily and develop career opportunities.
  • The wider population we serve, by collaborating to work on endemic health issues and having a coherent voice to represent the people of the Tees Valley and parts of County Durham and North Yorkshire.
North Tees Team

The group model means that our two organisations remain separate so they can represent their communities effectively, but it has the flexibility to enable the Trusts to work at scale to take strategic decisions, which benefit the group as a whole and the patients we serve.

This is a complex and exciting programme of change. Our group is ambitious to deliver more together for the populations we serve; developing clinical services that reflect the best use of resources. We will achieve this by working together to improve the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve, tackling the long-term inequalities in health that the pandemic has exacerbated, and playing a part in bringing more inward investment to the area.

Our staff will be pivotal in driving this group model forward and our most recent staff survey results continue to show a positive view of our Trusts year on year. Our staff rated us being above the national average in the themes of ‘we are compassionate and inclusive’, ‘we each have a voice that counts’ and overall morale. Both Trusts also saw improvements on how staff view the opportunities to work flexibly. As a group, we can work to position ourselves as a destination employer for health and care professionals across the country.