Our vision

Our Vision

Our values

At King’s, we are a kind, respectful team. These are the King’s values. They have been developed along with our strategy with input from over 4,500 staff, patients and other members of our community and we thank everyone who contributed.

These values are the threads that hold us together. They are the values we live by and the ethos which underpins how we care for each other. They are the foundations for building a culture which will help us deliver our Trust vision and strategy.

We want everyone who works for KCH to treat people in ways which reflect our values. They set a clear standard of what you can expect while you are cared for by King’s. We have developed a behaviour framework which articulates what is expected from every member of staff. Being a kind, respectful team will only be a reality if we all behave in this way.

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Respectful Team

Action Plan for 2023/24

The Trust’s Action Plan for 2023/24 sets out 19 of the key projects, initiatives and actions that we believe will make King’s a better place for patients to receive care and for staff to build their careers.

You can also read at a glance some of the key developments and big steps forward we have taken as an organisation over the past year.

People and Culture Plan

Our People and Culture Plan has a real emphasis on personal and professional growth, a focus on continuous improvement and a commitment to ensuring the needs of King’s people are a priority. We want our people to feel a real part of King’s, where they can lead on, and input into, the development of their careers and the way the Trust delivers our services, and where their voice is heard regardless of their role.

Roadmap to Inclusion

Our Roadmap to Inclusion 2022-24 will shape the strategic direction of the Trust’s equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) function over the next three years. It will ensure we turn our ambitions into real, meaningful improvements for colleagues, patients, and everyone connected to King’s.

It sets out the tangible and practical steps we will take to achieve our ambition to put diversity, equality and inclusion at the heart of everything we do. An easy read version of the Roadmap is also available.

To learn more, please find our strategy 2021 – 2026 here.