The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) is the professional association and governing body for over 20,000 Chartered Legal Executive Lawyers, other legal practitioners and paralegals. Our role is to enhance the role and standing of Chartered Legal Executives and all our members within the legal profession.

Critical to our purpose and mission, CILEX offers accessible, affordable and flexible routes into the law and a programme of continuing professional development (CPD) products that support career enhancement and ongoing competence. Our regulatory framework must establish trust and confidence in CILEX standards and the professionals that meet them, and facilitate consumer choice in legal services and access to justice.

What is a CILEx Lawyer?

CILEX Lawyers are fully qualified legal professionals authorised to practise as specialist lawyers alongside Solicitors.

What differentiates a CILEX Lawyer from a solicitor is that a CILEX Lawyer begins to specialise in a specific area of practice during their qualification, providing them with extensive knowledge and experience of that area of law.

What do CILEX do?

CILEX offers accessible routes to a career in the law through a range of qualifications and courses leading to registration as a Paralegal, Chartered Lawyer and even the opportunity to apply for Judicial appointment. We have created the UK’s most flexible and affordable routes to legal qualification.

As the UK’s second largest legal professional body, we actively campaign for policy improvements and legislative reform to open up new career opportunities for CILEX members and to improve access to justice.

We maintain a public register of specialist lawyers and paralegals regulated through our independent regulatory body, CILEX regulation Limited.

Our Purpose

To develop, support and inspire a highly skilled body of legal professionals and make the UK legal sector more efficient, more representative and better able to serve society.

We do this by innovating to deliver our Core Values:

  • Innovation
    We generate ideas, don’t fear failure, take risks, embrace change and are courageous
  • Excellence
    We strive for excellence in everything that we do
  • Integrity
    We build trust with open and honest communications and act fairly
  • Ownership
    We take responsibility for our work and accept accountability
  • Passionate
    We take pride in our work, share expertise freely, bring positivity and enthusiasm and encourage others to be the best they can be
  • Stronger together
    We respect everyone as an individual, are open to the ideas of others and we work as a team
David Cobern, The Family Law Company

“I would say it’s a great investment in your staff. It helps you to have staff who are working for you at the same time as learning alongside you. Guidance from you, input from them, and together you make a great team through that route.”

David Cobern, The Family Law Company

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