What we are looking for

We are looking for new people to join the Board of the Trust and support its work to deliver our vision of “excellent care at the heart of the community”. Candidates will need to be able to demonstrate that their professional experience and capability has equipped them to contribute to the effective leadership of our organisation and support our position in the wider health and social care system.


Role Titles:

Non Executive and Associate Non Executive Directors

NED remuneration:

£13,000 (based on at least 2.5 days a month)


3 years, with then opportunity for reappointment for a further term subject to council of governor decision.


At least 2.5 days a month which includes preparation time and attendance at Board and Committee meetings and may include some evening work.

Accountable to:

Trust Chair

Reports to:

Trust Chair

Key Relationships

You will be required to have regular contact with internal and external stakeholders and will often need to engage with them over sensitive, complex, contentious and confidential issues. An example of some of these stakeholders is detailed below:


  • Trust Chair
  • Executive Directors
  • Governors


  • ICS
  • Other Partner Organisations
  • Voluntary organisations

You may be required to participate in internal and external working groups/projects, services and initiatives to provide a wider perspective focusing on the needs of the local population.

Dr Julia Dudley

Role purpose

Walking the job

Non-Executive Directors work alongside Executive Directors as part of a unitary Board and are accountable, through the Chair, to the Council of Governors which represents the interests of the Trust and the public. They support the Chair and the Chief Executive in promoting the Trust values internally and externally and exemplify the corporate culture. As well as a strong track record of professional achievement, we are looking for candidates who demonstrate the enthusiasm and motivation needed to understand and make a difference to our diverse communities.

For Associate Non-Executive Director posts, we are recruiting for potential rather than Board-level track record. However, we are seeking candidates who demonstrate the same values and competencies we seek in our Non-Executive Directors.

Key responsibilities

Together with other Board Directors you will support the leadership of the Trust while ensuring that our strategic direction is suitably ambitious, meeting the needs of patients, family and the wider community.

You will help maintain a board level focus on all aspects of quality with particular regard to patient experience while ensuring the Trust has robust and effective financial and clinical quality controls, ensuring that systems of risk management and governance are sound and operate effectively.

While contributing to the development of strategic plans to enable us to deliver our ambitious goals, you will ensure that the necessary resources are in place for the Trust to meet its objectives and plans and be committed to ensuring that our values are embedded in all aspects of its business.

You will monitor the performance of the Trust and its Executive Team, ensuring that reports meet the highest level of integrity. To this end you will also maintain a commitment to upholding the Nolan Principles of Public Life along with an ability to reflect them in your role.

Nurse with patient

Main tasks

  • Prepare for, attend and contribute to monthly Board and Committee meetings and take the role of Committee Chair when so appointed
  • Participate in Board development/induction activities
  • Attend joint meetings of the Board and Council of Governors and take into account the views of Governors, members and the public to gain a different perspective on the Foundation Trust and its strategy and performance
  • Attend the Annual Members’ Meeting
  • Participate in service visits and occasional external stakeholder meetings
  • Provide advice and guidance on issues relevant to own skills, expertise and experience
  • Build and maintain relationships with Trust staff, Board colleagues, peers and stakeholders which promote the effective operation of the Trust’s activities and development and delivery of its strategy
  • Act as an ambassador for the Trust
  • Bring diversity of thought to the Board

Associate Non-Executive Director

The Associate Non-Executive Director role is intended to attract potential Non-Executive Director candidates who do not yet have (sufficient) Board-level experience or who may not have the required availability, but do have the ability and potential to succeed in a Non-Executive role with the Trust. This is a developmental role to bring more diversity of thought to Board discussions to help us make decisions which better support the diverse communities we serve. The introduction of an Associate NED role supports our Board succession strategy and the successful candidate would be encouraged to consider applying for future NED roles as and when they become available.

For the avoidance of doubt, Associate Non-Executive Directors are not Directors of the Trust or Board members and do not have the associated rights or liabilities. The Associate NED role does not guarantee a full NED position with the Trust.

As an Associate Non-Executive Director you will work alongside our Non-Executive Directors and Executive Directors participating in Board and Committee discussions, learning at first-hand about the challenges and opportunities facing today’s NHS and bringing to bear your skills, knowledge and lived experience as part of the Trust’s leadership team.

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