Time commitment

We envisage a time commitment of at least two days a week but we want to be honest and realistic that more time may be needed as you settle into the role and depending on the issues facing us. This time commitment includes preparation for, and Chairing, meetings and other events and a wide range of other activities. If you apply you will be expected to confirm that you are able and willing to meet this time commitment.

Most Council meetings and seminars are held in London, but meetings and events may also be held in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and other parts of England. The Council and Committee meeting schedule for 2021-2022 can be found here.


The current agreed annual allowance for the Chair is £52,000 per annum for a commitment of two days per week or £78,000 per annum for a commitment of 3 days per week. Depending on the final agreed time commitment this will be adjusted pro rata. The allowance is subject to applicable deductions for PAYE income tax and national insurance contributions.

You will also be reimbursed for reasonable travel and out-of-pocket expenses incurred on NMC business, in accordance with the Council's travel and expenses policy.

We are committed to ensuring we make any reasonable adjustments for travel and accommodation for Council members. This includes adjustments for Council members who are pregnant or who have either a temporary or permanent disability.

Term of appointment

The initial term of office will be for a period of three or four years.

You may be eligible for reappointment for a further term, subject to satisfactory performance and the views of the Council.

Induction and development

All new Council appointees receive a comprehensive introduction to the work of the Council and the NMC, as well as ongoing opportunities for development both on an individual and collective basis.


You will need to declare any actual or potential conflicts of interest. Guidance for identifying potential conflicts can be found here.


There are also grounds for disqualification from appointment to the Council, details of which can be found here.

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