Welcome from our Chief Executive

Thank you for your interest in these exciting leadership roles for Hospice in the Weald

The goal of Hospice in the Weald has always been and will always be to ensure that those living in our community who need Hospice care are able to access what they need and that the care provided is safe, effective, and responsive to their needs.

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Over the last two years we have implemented new ways of working; for example, we have changed and increased our use of technology to provide more flexible access to hospice care. This includes continuing to offer counselling and support via video or phone call, a way of working which became useful during the pandemic but has continued to improve access to support for patients and their loved ones. Our physiotherapists are also working via video call and will continue to do so where this is best for the patient, along with a return to home visits and in-person appointments.

By making better use of technology to ‘work smarter’, we can spend more time with the families who need our care. We will also continue to give patients and families choice in how we work with them, focusing on supporting and empowering adults with terminal illness, who often feel disempowered by their diagnosis or symptoms. We will focus on empowering patients to celebrate life and dignify death.

Since 2022, Hospice in the Weald has provided hospice care for children. Whilst there are some differences involved in providing hospice care for children, there are many similarities too, most importantly a focus on meeting the needs of each child as an individual, and providing safe, effective, and responsive care.

We will offer care for children and their loved ones under three main themes: home visits, emotional support, and a children’s centre which will provide space for activities such as play or sensory work, and family or sibling groups. With the number of children needing hospice care set to grow significantly over the next few years, there is a real and urgent need for this new service.

This is an exciting time to join us at Hospice in the Weald. As a leadership team we ensure that local people have access to safe, effective, and responsive hospice care and we are excited to make this happen.

Nick Farthing
Chief Executive

Nick Farthing