The roles

We are looking for two high calibre, talented people:

  • a professional currently on our register, who lives or works in Wales; and
  • a financially qualified lay person with board/senior level audit experience and senior business/management experience who can chair our Audit Committee.

Conflicts of interest

As part of your application you are asked to declare any actual or potential conflict of interest or loyalty that could be perceived as relevant to the NMC. Please read the guidance here.

Female staff member


You will need to check that you are eligible for appointment and that you are not disqualified. The grounds for disqualification from appointment to the Council can be found in the information form.

Registrant Council member:

  • You must live or work in Wales, and hold current registration with the NMC with no restriction on your practice and be willing to maintain your registration while serving on the Council, including revalidating as necessary.
  • If your registration with the NMC ceases at any time during your term of office, you will no longer be able to continue as a Council member. In considering whether to apply for this role, you will therefore need to commit to maintaining your registration throughout the full term of your appointment.

Lay Council member:

  • You must be financially qualified with board/senior level audit experience and senior business/management experience. You will need to have the skills and abilities to chair our Audit Committee.
  • You must not be, nor ever have been a registered nurse, midwife or nursing associate and must be able to confirm that you do not hold qualifications that would enable you to apply to be a registered nurse, midwife or nursing associate.

Assessment competencies

We will use the following competencies to assess candidates. These will help you decide if you have the right qualities to join our Council.

You will need to explain in your supporting statement how your expertise, experience, knowledge, and skills match each of the competencies (including the critical competency for lay candidates only).

We will assess your application against the competencies at every stage of the selection process.

You will need to demonstrate that you meet all the below competencies. Please note that you can provide evidence of these competencies from any aspect of your life, experiences and activities, not just through your professional or work roles.

Nurse with patient
  1. Understanding of, and commitment to, the protection of the public through professional regulation.
  2. Clear appreciation of the Non-Executive role, and how executives should be held to account through constructive challenge.
  3. Ability to contribute to an organisation at a strategic level, demonstrating analytical skills and sound judgement.
  4. Capacity to understand and contribute to the organisational and business issues with which the Council deals.
  5. Ability to work successfully as part of a team, respecting and listening to others, earning the respect of colleagues, and contributing constructively to collective decision-making processes.
  6. Understanding of the role of a charity trustee, and capacity to fulfil this role effectively.
  7. Personal commitment to good governance and upholding the recognised principles of public life.

Critical competency for lay candidates:
Financially qualified with board/senior level audit experience and senior business/management experience